King's Kamp Philosophy


King's Kamp is a fun-filled, active learning experience where Kampers build positive memories and learn to follow Christ. Kampers have just completed 3rd through 7th grades in the previous school year (upcoming 4th through 8th graders).

Kamp is for the Kamper – This is our most basic philosophy. We do Kamp because of the Kampers. Everything is for them. Our staff puts their own needs to the side during this week to make this week the best it can possibly be for our Kampers. The other activities and principles below grow out of this one priority.

Active Learning – The King's Kamp schedule is filled with purposeful activities designed to help Kampers, Counselors, and Staff build strong friendships and learn about living the Christian faith. From morning devotionals to all-Kamp activities and games; from Bible classes to crazy barn times and evening skits, everything is designed to enhance each year's theme and help Kampers engage the word of God while building lasting relationships with their peers.

Discipleship and Leadership Training - "Kamp is for the Kamper" is our number one priority. Our next priority (which makes the first one possible) is that we think and plan in terms of discipleship and leadership development at every level with our staff. Most of our staff members come from families who go to kamp to serve together. Each staff role at King's Kamp leads to another stage of development in which discipleship and leadership training take place. From go-fers to counselors to adult staff, head counselors, and our directors, each of our staff members are serving, mentoring, and being mentored. While working together to make kamp happen, we are all becoming stronger followers of Christ and better leaders for his cause.


What Happens at King's Kamp?

A typical daily schedule at King's Kamp includes: